Smash the windows

…or Roaring Jelly!

Laurel Swift teaches her Monday night group in West Ealing, London – classic session tune Smash the Windows also known as Roaring Jelly.

London Hornpipe

An old English 3/2 hornpipe (18th C?) taught by Laurel Swift to her Monday eve group in West Ealing, London, UK. Taken from John of the Green – the Cheshire Way ( and adapted by Laurel

The London Hornpipe

Polska from Delsbo

Something Swedish from Laurel’s teaching on a Monday night in West Ealing, London, UK.

Polska From Delsbo

Latest session tune book from Bob

A few additions to the original…Ealing Session 1’st half tunes-2 copy

Wed 30th July 2014 folk session Inn on the Green, London, W7

Message from Gill Adams:  Hope you can come and join in with this (mainly instrumental, mainly English folk music session) in the bar of a nice old pub in Hanwell. (The tune list is here: Ealing Session 1’st half tunes to download; includes all the notation. Below are links to most of the tunes, showing Laurel (usually) playing them, as well as the notation.)

Inn On The Green,13 Lower Boston Road,Hanwell,W7 3TX (easy for Boston Manor tube, Hanwell mainline, all the Uxbridge Rd buses and the E8 or 195 up from Brentford).

Weds July 30th, 2014, 7.30pm.

Food available to buy at the bar.

First hour or so We [Laurel Swift’s Monday folk workshop people] will play from the lists already mentioned for the first hour to hour and a  half. Join in with chords, or have a go at the tune, or read the dots – however you like to join in, but be welcome. There will be some copies of the notes available to share.

Rest of the time Any reasonably familiar easy tunes that anyone knows and thinks others can join in with. Some tips: the idea is to get everyone involved for as much of the time as possible and give everyone who wants to a chance to start their favourite tunes/sets. It’s not a performance. Choose simple tunes. If you start a tune set try to make sure at least one of the set will be familiar to some/most of the others – play nice and steady so others get a chance to pick it up. Leave gaps between sets to give others a chance to start. Please announce name/s and key/s (if you can). Special tip: if you’re uncertain about starting a set, get someone else to start it with you. Special, special tip: Members of Ealing Folk Club, W7 Edge and Hanwell Ukulele Group especially welcome

The odd song is appreciated particularly with choruses.

Pass this around, bring friends, the more the merrier; see you there, hopefully.

Below are  links to most of the current list – all visible and audible on

48 bar jigs Kempshot Hunt + Maiden Lane Bang Up + Dingle Regatta

Jigs Fourpence Ha’penny Farthing + The Goat On The Green Coleraine Jig + The Fiery Clockface Gunnersbury House + Bundle and go

Polkas Three around three + Old Tom of Oxford Bourrée (La Chavanée) + Childgrove

Hornpipes Serpentiner Ock Confetti Wood’s Hornpipe + Blackberry Blossom

9/8s Andrew Carey + Pride of Newcastle

Schottische Ice House Schottische 2 + Ice House Schottische 1

Reels Trip To Cartmel + Errol on The Green Dashing White Sergeant Seneca Square Dance


Scotland the Brave


La Marianne + Mr Rew’s

Extra easy Irish Polkas (not on this website)

Egan’s polka (First setting)

Ryan’s polka (First setting)

De’il take the Warr

This 18thC (at least) dance tune is for a three couple longways set
De'il Take The Warr

Keppel’s Delight

Keppel's Delight


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