Hen Ferchetan (Old Maid)

Hen Ferchetan

Hen Ferchetan (Old maid ) video at

(there’s a song version in Welsh with subtitles at

Retreat with Laurel!

Laurel’s exciting new venture is back, with a varied programme of events that let you get away and absorb yourself in relaxing folk music retreats. Hone your folk style and skills, build musical confidence and jam informally with others whilst surrounded by beautiful countryside and lovely people. A unique combination of inspiring classes, delicious home cooked food, informal sessions and country walks, each retreat is designed to develop different skills and serve as the perfect creative weekend away!

There’s something for everyone – please get in touch via the link below if you’d like more information, or if you would like to book a retreat as a very special gift.

Details of locations (in Dorset, Somerset, Lincolnshire, Milton Keynes and Staffordshire) throughout 2016/17, prices, and type of retreat: http://bit.ly/29hAm79

Barbarini’s Tambourine

Barbarini’s Tambourine played by Laurel to her Monday evening class at

According to https://soundcloud.com/hollis-easter/barbarinis-tambourine

“Barbarini’s Tambourine is a very old tune familiar to English Country Dance aficionados all around the world. The tune was published in the 1700s and was allegedly written for Italian ballerina Barbara Campanini, whose “Tambourine dance” was apparently quite the thing in those days.”!
Video of dance at

Barbarinis Tamborine

Mazurka La Burette

Laurel teaching Mazurka La Burette by Benoit Mager!


Queen’s Jig

The Queen's Jig


King’s Penny


The King's Penny

Butterfly (The)

The Butterfly



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