Barham Down

Here is the YouTube video (with Laurel’s now famous West Ealing traditional greeting to introduce it).


5 Responses

  1. Hi Gillma,

    Very happy for you to link my Folk Music Notes blog – a slightly different version of Barham Down is now on the site, as I play it. I learnt mine from Becky Price and Richard Heacock.

    If ever I am in the area, I’ll try and come along to the session. If any Ealing players are in Oxford, come along to the French session every second Tuesday in the month at the Chester Arms, Chester Street.

    Best wishes,

  2. Matt, I like the look of your version (here: ) . I always find the last run in the B of ours a struggle.

    You’d be most welcome to come to one of our sessions – and thanks for the invite to Oxford.

    All best, Gill

  3. Dots link for Barham Down brings up a blank box. Can you fix?

  4. Barham Down link for dots brings up blank box. Can you fix?

  5. Link for BD dots ok for me- try again?

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