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  • Come to West London Folk workshop

    Laurel Swift founded this in Year 2000, and it goes from strength to strength, regularly playing concerts and ceilidhs as the West London Folk Band.
    It all starts with tunes which she teaches in West London.
    It is held upstairs at West London Trade Union Club
    33-35 High Street, Acton, London, W3 6ND. Parking in nearby streets is fairly simple, lots of buses pass the door and Acton Central Overground station is 5mins walk.
    Monday evening term-times: 7:15pm - 9:15pm.
    Cost: £7.50 per night.
    Who comes? Bedroom musicians, beginner musicians, starting-again musicians, younger musicians, late bloomers, musicians that think they can only read the dots, musicians who worry that they can’t read the dots – you are all welcome.
    Use the Contact Form or email swiftlj (At) gmail.com to find out more (copy this email address and replace the (At) with @ and remove spaces).

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Dolphin session on June 7

Hi, I wasn’t able to be at the session but it went very well I gather; next one is on June 21. Details of venue, etc, here.

2 Responses

  1. Here’s a comment that relates to this session:

  2. The session went well yesterday. We had Jerry on fiddle and English concertina, Martin on English concertina, Pat on whistle, other Martin on fiddle, Alan on guitar, Beth on occasional Anglo concertina, plus a flute player who’d come all the way from Tunbridge Wells but whose name I neglected to ask. Quite a gathering, and several players had brought their posse, so the landlady should have been happy with the increased bar sales.

    After a general selection of favourites from this year’s repertoire, Pat played some Irish tunes on her whistle with varied help from Fluteman and me, and Alan on guitar was able to join in backing most everything.

    Jerry sang Peggy Gordon, and Sweetness of Mary was requested several times until Martin and Jerry relented.

    I played Kit White’s Polkas which Gill and I practised last week, and also a jig set starting with the Seven Stars, and we afinished the session with a spirited rendition of Spootiskerry and Willafjord (or is it the other way round)?

    A nice suprise was a visit from Ed, who had heard about the session and came along to listen. He joined in on some tunes borrowing Jerry’s fiddle, and started a few of his own, no doubt from our repertoire from five years ago, but unfortunately I didn’t remember all of them.

    Spurred by Pat’s Kilrush (?) Polkas (with fluteman) I recalled the Ballydesmond Polkas, or at least one of them, and Beth led us through the other two, though in the key of C, not the usual D. I suprised myself by being able to transpose on the fly, though I could see confused looks from Martin and Jerry. Fluteman dug out a C whistle and joined in, and was a strength throughout. I hope he returns, though his journey was a long one.

    Altogether a healthy mix of English and Irish tunes, not too much referral to sheet music, and a nice mix of instruments.

    We broke up soon after six as we all had places to be, but a fun and convivial two hours.

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